10 Years of Service

That's right, February 2014 marks 10 years since American Trust Bank opened and began doing right by you. To all of our customers and shareholders, thank you for your business and support!

To help celebrate this milestone, American Trust will spotlight one of our customers every month, starting in February.  This month, American Trust Bank is proud to recognize Janice Pickens as a 10 year customer of American Trust Bank.  Janice's name was drawn during the Bank's March customer drawing, and she was awarded an American Trust Bank gift card.  

"When James, my husband, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we were struggling...the bank worked so much with us," said Janice.  "Y'all (American Trust Bank) really cared about your people. 

"Because of her devotion to her family, no one deserves this more than Janice Pickens," stated John Evans, Vice President of Commercial Banking.  "Walking with her through her struggles, not only made me a better banker, but a better person.  It's always been a true pleasure working with Janice."

After presenting Janice with an American Trust Bank gift card, she took a few moments to share how American Trust Bank does right by her.  Here is what she had to say about American Trust Bank and our bankers.