Make your banking experience more efficient with Remote Deposit Capture.  You can eliminate the need for paper deposits while reducing trips to the bank.


what is remote deposit capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks electronically from you office by using a scanner. The scanned check images are safely and securely transmitted to American Trust Bank and deposited into your account.


benefits of remote deposit capture

  • Save Time: Eliminate trips to the bank by depositing checks right at the office.
  • Save Money: Reducing bank visits will save your company money you would have spent on gas and courier cost.
  • Quicker Access to Funds: Same day deposits are credited to your account and available by 8pm EST.
  • Improve Bookkeeping: Easy online access to check images and electronic record keeping comes standard with Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Go Green: No more paper receipts and using less gas to travel will reduce your carbon footprint.


how secure is remote deposit capture

With multi-factor authentication, encryption and email notifications, Remote Deposit Capture is one of the safest ways to deposit money into your bank account.  Plus if you have multiple users, you can set up different security levels.


installing remote deposit capture

Installation is easy, and can be done by an American Trust Banker.  In most cases, installation and on-site training takes only a couple of hours.  


To learn more about Remote Deposit Capture, contact any American Trust Banker in Knoxville, LaFollette, Lenoir City, or fill out our contact us form.