Home Depot Theft and Does it Affect You?

As many people have already heard, Home Depot is investigating the theft of credit and debit card data.  The initial investigation shows there is a potential risk for transactions dating back to April 1st.

At American Trust Bank, we have been working with the major credit card companies and our customers to make sure any type of card compromise is reduced and eliminated.  If it is determined that fraud has occurred on your American Trust Bank debit card, the Bank will contact you to discuss what steps need to be taken.  

Here are two important items to consider about this most recent theft:

Monitor: One of the most important things you can do to protect your account is to monitor the transaction history.  If you notice any questionable or unauthorized activity on your account, please contact us at (865) 588-1500.  

Home Depot Data: It is important to note that this breach took place at Home Depot and involved data that resides in their system.  As such, the data was compromised through no fault of any cardholders or financial institutions.

Home Depot has released a preliminary announcement that it is working with law enforcement and banking institutions to investigate unusual activity.  To read the response, click here or visit: